Nov 082013

USDA Citrus Crop Forecast


Here are the USDA Citrus Crop Forecast numbers reported at Noon on November 8th, 2013

Non Valencia Oranges

FL: 58 million
CA: 44 million
TX: 1.4 million
All: 103,400,000

Valencia Oranges

FL: 67 million
CA 12.5 million
TX: 364,000
All: 79,864,000

All Oranges Total by State

FL: 125 million
CA: 56.5 million
TX: 1.764 million
All: 183,264,000

Yield for FCOJ All oranges: 1.60

Non specific Grapefruit

FL: 17.8 million
CA 5.19 million
TV: 4 million
All: 26.99 million

White Grapefruit Variety (FL): 4.8 million
Color Grapefruit Variety (FL): 13 million

Tangelos (FL): 1 million


FL: 3.75 million
CA: 13.5 million
AZ: 200,000
All: 17.45 million

Tangerines Early Fall Glow & Sunburst Variety
FL: 2.05 million

Honey Tangerines
FL: 1.7 million

Notes: Fewer fruit bearing trees except for color grapefruit.  Florida Oranges smaller in size.  Orange crop is lowest production since the freeze in 1989/1990 season.  Lowest Grapefruit since hurricane 2004/2005 season.

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