Sep 082012

“The Voice” premieres Monday on NBC. Blake Shelton will coach again, and he’s looking forward to getting the ball rolling.

My favorite thing about going into the blind auditions of season three is that at any moment we could be hearing the next superstar,” Shelton says. “There are two coaches that have a lot to prove. One of them is not me, and the other is not Adam [Levine]. It’s got to be getting to Cee Lo [Green] and Christina [Aguilera] that they have not won this thing yet.”

Even Simon Cowell has been getting Voice lessons lately. Or giving them, perhaps?

Maybe it’s a plot to increase ratings for both The Voice and The X Factor. What’s life without a good conspiracy theory?

To be clear, Cowell has nothing to do with The Voice, which returns for its third season Monday, Sept. 10, on NBC and CTV Two. The Voice is the one with Christina Aguilera.

Cowell’s current show is The X Factor, which returns for its second season — with new judge Britney Spears — Wednesday, Sept. 12 on Fox and CTV.

Intriguingly, a last-minute scheduling adjustment by NBC put The Voice and The X Factor on a collision course this week. At least, that’s how Cowell sees it. Or is he just being wily?

Maybe Mark Burnett, guru of The Voice, has been in on it all along.

The Voice was originally scheduled to air Monday and Tuesday. The X Factor was slated for Wednesday and Thursday.

But NBC decided to add a third installment of The Voice on Wednesday, to battle The X Factor directly.

Cowell accused NBC of dirty tricks, saying that making Britney go up against her old rival Christina was out of bounds. Because TV scheduling always has been a gentleman’s game, hardy har har.

“It’s very important to get this message out,” Cowell said in a conference call with reporters Thursday. “They (The Voice) don’t want you to watch this show (The X Factor). And I think it’s going to backfire.”

So the final question is, which one will you watch Wednesday night?

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