Apr 032013

band-perry-studio_1237The Band Perry’s new album, Pioneer, came out Tuesday, April 2nd.  Neil, Kimberly and Reid Perry set out to make their second album as bold as possible. They explored into exciting, new, uncharted musical territory.  Their creative inspiration came from wandering out West while writing new songs for their sophomore album. During their road trip, they came upon the philosophy that would ultimately inspire the album, including the title track, and would give them the courage to color outside the lines, using even more colors from the box this time around.

“A lot of times you think of pioneers and think of covered wagons and bonnets or astronauts on moons,” Reid tells The Boot. “But for us it means going out into the unknown and knowing you have somewhere to go and that you’re barreling towards it, but not necessarily knowing the path that you’re gonna take. It’s all about putting one foot in front of the other. And ‘Pioneer’ as a song and an album really became a lifeline for the three of us.”



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