Jan 222013

Randy Travis is expected to enter a guilty plea deal in North Texas, stemming from his DUI charge from last summer. According to the Tennessean, Randy faces up to two years in jail and a $4,000 fine. Official details of the agreement will be released following Randy’s court date on Thursday. The charge is from Randy’s single-vehicle accident from last August, when he was found naked and arrested with a blood-alcohol level of more than point-one-five (the legal limit is point-zero-eight).

TMZ reports Randy has quit drinking for good and that he’s in treatment for alcohol abuse. Randy’s lawyer says, “He still wants to get professional help so he can maintain his booze-free path to sobriety … Randy will continue recording as he goes through treatment and plans on releasing two albums by the end of the year.”

We at The Bull hope Randy can maintain a successful path on the road to recovery.  Do you think he’ll strike up a plea-deal and not serve time behind bars?

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