Jun 202013

travis-tritt-the-calm-after‘The Calm After…,’ his first studio effort since 2007. It’s actually an updated version of Tritt’s last album, ‘The Storm,’ which got mired in litigation between Tritt and his former label, Category 5.  Now 5 years later he recently re-acquired the rights and starting his own record label, Post Oak Recordings. He will release the new album  July 9, 2013.

iTunes pre-sales begin June 25th.  Fans who attend live concerts will be able to buy the album early “as a thank-you to those folks who come out to see us and have always been there to support me, we wanted to give them the album a little early,” Tritt explains in a press release. “I can’t wait for them to hear it.”

“I feel so humbled and blessed to be where I am right now,” Tritt says. “My voice has never been stronger, I’m constantly playing and working to become a better guitar player, banjo player, vocalist and songwriter. I am honestly as excited about the creative process and performing now as I was the day I signed my first record deal.”

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