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    This is great. Now while on the computer I can listen To good country.


    I am so glad to be able to listen to the bull on the computer.


    i love being able to listen to my favorite home town station live. i can listen to all the home town music i love while living in another state.. do you know how i can listen to the interview you did yesterday with Jasmines Dream Ranch? would love to listen in on all the great things they are doing these days. thanks.


    Just listened to Britt and Blaire live, GREAT kids, and awsome song, “Young Summer”. They are from my home town, and actually My Karoke Show at the Pizzeria was where they met and the rest is history! I am behind their career 100%. I aso want to say, I tuned in early about 7 this morning, and I like the kind of country that you play, I will tune in to listen again.
    From one West Virginia native (Summersville) to another, Billy, Thanks for supporting Britt & Blaire!!


    Thank you all for your great feedback and comments. Everyone at 106.9 The Bull is ecstatic to make it possible to listen to your favorite hometown Country Music Station from The Heartland of Florida! We appreciate our listeners whether in our backyard or from afar.


    Great sounding country station!!!

    Glad to be a part of it each winter with the daily Canada Calling broadcasts for Canadians visiting the Florida heartland and the Florida Gulf Coast. Keep the hits and the all time favourites comin’!!


      Thank you Prior! We look forward to the next season as well and if our northern friends would like to keep listening to The Bull we are now streaming online too!


    Thanks Billy and the crew at The Bull for playing our first single “Crazy Over Me” We hope everyone enjoyed it!!
    Waylon, Rich, Robyn, and Rick from Dock 7


    If You Asked Me how I’m Doin’ I’d said great now! that I am hearing Stephanie Grace live on 106.9! I am a huge PHAN of Stephanie Grace and now of 106.9 the Bull too! Keep playing Stephanie’s If You Asked Me! Stephanie is an outstanding young singer/songwriter. This girl has a beautiful voice! and you will LOVE her as a positive role model too! Hey There! I love, love, love this song!!!!!! Let’s sing it in the shower, in the car, at the beach………….Yeah! Hey There, You There, Don’t Let it Pass you By!


      Hi Michele,
      Glad you enjoyed the interview with Stephanie Grace this morning! We wish Stephanie a long and successful career in the music industry and it was a privilege to have her on the morning show. Thank you for listening to 106.9 The Bull.


    Wow! What an absolutely fun staff here at 106.9 The Bull! Wish you all were in PA so I could thank you in person for your excellent interview with Stephanie Grace! and for playing her originals – If You Asked Me and Hey There! Yeah! I hope we hear more of Stephanie on 106.9 and that you have her in studio one day soon. Thank you for supporting new artists! Y’all are a refreshing group of professionals! I’ll keep listening and spreading the word to tune in on the internet to 106.9 The Bull!


    Hey I keep trying to catch the name of the guy that sings “Your Old Ladies Gone” but I keep missing it. Could someone leave his name please.


    Please play “Butterfly” by Lizzie Sider it has a great message. Thank you


    Hi Billy, it’s Lizzie Sider. Thanks again for having me at the station. I really enjoyed meeting you, and going on your show! 106.9 The Bull is one of my favorite country stations, and even though I don’t live in your area, I make sure to listen to you on TuneIn Radio!!! :) xoxo, Lizzie


    Would love to hear Hey There by Stephanie Grace! Love listening to The Bull via the net. 106.9 The Bull country rocks! Thank you!


    Requesting Hey There by Stephanie Grace. Thank you!


    I heard this fella singing down in Southwest Florida, JJ McCoy. I’m back in Ohio now and if you could play something of his I would really appreciate it.


      Hi Grover, we have JJ McCoy playing right now for ya! Thanks for writing and for listening to 106.9 The Bull! We appreciate you taking the time to request a song.
      -Carolyn K

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