Aug 072013

Keith-UrbanAfter last week’s American Idol announcement, fans of the show know that Keith Urban will be the only returning judge for next season. The singer’s advice made a big impact on many contestants during season 12, and he says that it may even have helped him with his upcoming album, Fuse.

Keith Urban: “I probably became more aware of the advice that I was giving and hearing why am I giving that advice.  Most of the time it was because I needed to hear that myself or it was something I had to learn the hard way as well — over-performing and theatrical sort of performing on stage and this kind of thing.”

It is rumored that former American Idol judge, Jennifer Lopez, may join Keith as a judge. Until the season kicks back in gear, Keith will be out on the road with his Light The Fuse Tour. His new album, Fuse, will be available on September 10th.

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