Nov 292012

The rush of the holidays is bringing out the opportunistic crooks, according to sheriff’s departments across the state.  But the bad guys are running up against some well-prepared and very inventive members of law enforcement.

Sheriff’s offices and police departments are brushing off old tricks and trying out some new ones, all as part of a press to ensure that people have the safest holiday possible.

Some jurisdictions have plans in play, such as bait cars stacked high with presents, set deliberately as traps for would-be thieves.

Here are a few tips to ensure a safe shopping trip.  Never leave anything where it can be plainly seen in your vehicle, never park in a remote or unpatrolled area, and never leave items in an unlocked car.

Authorities acknowledge that people can feel the pressure to rush and get things done quickly this time of year, but a few moments devoted to some common-sense precautions will save a world of worry.

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