Jul 102013

Kacey-Musgraves-FeatKacey Musgraves knew how to bring her latest single, “Blowin’ Smoke,” to life – the moment she wrote it! The singer admits that while she was creating the song with Nashville hit writers – Luke Laird and Shane McAnally – she had already started envisioning what the music video would look like! 

“When I’m writing a song, I’m kind of a big picture person, as in like I see the video. I see like, I’m just visual. I love all those aesthetic parts of music. So, after we wrote this, I kind of pictured this like hazy like diner noise kind of in the background. It’s like you’re there. You can just hear like plates clinking and people coughing and orders being called out.”

Kacey has another video that will be popping-up on television screens nationwide. She recorded the song, “Daydream,” for Oreo cookies, Wonderfilled campaign. You can find Kacey’s music video for “Blowin’ Smoke,”

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