Jul 252013

Jennifer-Nettles-New-Album-Inspired-By-Being-A-MomJennifer Nettles has created her most personal project to date, as the singer plans to release her first solo album in the fall. The Sugarland member says the record taps into her roots, and will touch on important moments she has experienced.

“I think it’s a super-enriching time in my life right now.  There’s a lot of creation that has been happening and a lot of birthing so to speak, both in terms of obviously starting my own family with having a son now, and also having this record which is now metaphorically birthed if you will, you know.  There are a couple songs on the album that are inspired by being a mom.”

Jennifer announced that the first single from her solo album will be “That Girl,” which she co-wrote with Butch Walker. She says “the song has kind of ended up being ‘The Ballad of Jolene.’”

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