Aug 072013

Album-Days of GoldToday 106.9 The Bull played Jake Owen’s new song “Days of Gold,” which is generating a lot of buzz with fans and critics and Jake says for the first time in his career, he feels like he’s finally found his voice.

Jake: “When you go to make the next record, you know what you’re looking for, ‘cause you know what it is that you do. And that’s what I’m doing now is I’m very selective as to what—I mean, there are so many great songwriters in the town, and there are so many great songs floating around. But once again, a hit song is a hit song—but it has to make sense for who you are as an artist.”

“Days of Gold” is the lead single from Jake’s forthcoming album expected later this year. Watch him perform it on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon this Thursday (8/8) on NBC.

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