Aug 142012

The latest update as of the morning of Wednesday, August 15th, CR 663 is open!

18 Wheeler Carrying Dolomite Accident
On August 14, 2012 at 9:45am, fire and EMS crews were dispatched for an 18 wheeler that had overturned spilling dolomite onto CR 663 and the CSX railroad track. The driver of the vehicle was transported to a local hospital by EMS crews. Hardee County Fire Rescue in cooperation with Hardee County Sheriff’s Office and Florida Highway Patrol worked together quickly to provide road closures, reroute traffic and assess the scene.

Crews discovered that the 18 wheeler’s reservoir holding hydraulic oil had leaked approximately 20 gallons of oil onto the ground. Crews immediately formed a dike around the area, placed a container underneath the reservoir to catch any remaining oil and used a HAZ-MAT hydrocarbon absorbing powder to absorb the spilled oil. This was the only HAZ-MAT spill at the scene. According to Hardee County Sheriff’s Office, CR 663 is still closed at this time from SR 64 to CR 665. Alternate routes are CR 665 for Semi-truck/18 Wheelers and Murphy Road and Everett Whidden Road for all other traffic. For more information concerning the road closure please contact Hardee County Sheriff’s Office.

August 14th at 10:30 -
A road closure was reported by the Hardee County Public Safety that Hardee CR 663 closed from SR 64 to CR 665 due to an overturned dump truck on the Rail Road Crossing. The truck was transporting fertilizer. Driver was transported to a local hospital.

Update 12:00 pm August 14th -
Alternate Route for Semi’s and 18 Wheelers is County Road 665.  All other vehicles take Murphy Road or Everett Widden.

According to CSX, a cleanup crew has been dispatched from Lake Wales.

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