Nov 142013

Chris Young says that he really gets into sports, and he’s prepared when it comes to managing his Thanksgiving football viewing, including catching the games with the Dallas Cowboys and the Texas Longhorns. 

 “I have more than one TV. (laughs) I can’t just watch one. I mean, I’m probably one of the more dedicated, even if it’s not my team. Like, if they had a national dice-throwing championship, I would know who was good and what their stats were so, I’ll definitely be watching both of those games on Thanksgiving.”

Miranda Lambert says that hubby Blake Shelton is big on Thanksgiving. 

“He loves Thanksgiving. That is like his favorite time of year. He loves fall and loves when I put the pumpkins out and the hay bales and scarecrows and all that.”

Darius Rucker says his best holiday memories come from family.

“Oh my man thing I’m thankful for is my family, no doubt about that. Thanksgiving is about family for us. You know either getting together, going to Jersey to get together with family or… Charleston to get together with family and just cooking and eatin’. Sitting around talking and remembering and being thankful for where we are that we are all still alive.”

Martina McBride shares her Thanksgiving routine and food favorite.  

“Well I usually go to my sister-in-laws for thanksgiving and she does most of the cooking, but I like to make the mash potatoes. Just good all, lots of butter and lots of milk, lots of salt.”

Hunter Hayes says his family starts preparing for the big meal days before Thanksgiving.

“So, Thanksgiving is basically when I go back to Louisiana and both of my grandmothers are excellent cooks. One in particular will cook for days for this meal and it is epic. If I want to impress any of my friends and let them get to know my family, this is the meal I take them to.”

The Band Perry argues over who’s really behind a family favorite.  

“So we have this family recipe for pumpkin pie that was originally Kimberly’s traditional thanksgiving pumpkin pie, then subsequently they crossed out my name and re-put his name in their for his traditional pumpkin pie and then this little guy came along, Neil. And so he crossed out both of our names. So I guess it stands right now as Neil’s traditional Thanksgiving pumpkin pie.”

Thompson Square’s Shawna and Keifer say Thanksgiving is a team effort at their house.

“[Shawna] I like for Keifer to chop. I’m kind of scared of the big huge crazy. [Keifer] I’ve got a slap chop. [Shawna] kitchen knife. And he actually does have a slap chop now so he likes to get in there [Keifer] every kitchen needs a slap chop [Shawna] chop the onions. [Keifer] I usually man the grill like a man should. We pitch in, there’s four hands flying all over the place. Yeah, it’s a team effort I think.”

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