Sunday Morning in the South


Sunday Morning in the South on 106.9 The Bull with Casey Williams 8am-9am and 10am-11am! Those who are intuitive would probably recognize that Casey wears the hat of the sales and station manager. Everyone knows at the heart of country music is Southern Gospel. And at the heart of your Sunday morning, host Casey Williams provides you with a great selection of classic and current gospel greats. On Sunday, Casey takes you on a spiritual journey with “Sunday Morning in The South.”

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    I have listened to a couple good lessons from a bible teacher/preacher at 9:00 am on Sunday while driving to worship. I would very much like to get outlines of his lessons…the one yesteerday on Aristotle’s e laws of thought was particularly interesting to me. I have looked up the laws, but I would like to have notes on his development of those laws as they pertain to truth and the existence of God. I would like to share it with some grandkids that I think might be challenged to examine their current ho-hum approach to God. If you can forward this to him, or at least give me his name, I will find a way to contact him. Thank you. Am really enjoying your station now that I have found it.


      Hi W S Brooks,

      Thank you for listening to 106.9 The Bull this Sunday Morning. In regards to your questions about the show we air at 9am on Sunday. It is titled ” Word in Focus”. It is done by Pastor Jim Harris of the Riverview Heights Missionary Baptist Church in Wauchula. He does an excellent job and I too listen to him every Sunday. I am sure if you call the church, someone can get your request to the Pastor. 863-773-3344.


    Heard much of your dissertation this morning on THE BLOOD SYSTEM and was hoping to get a copy of this Talk. Could you advise me how I might be able to do this. In appreciation and God bless.


      Hi Howard,

      I received your request about a program called “Word in Focus” that you heard talk about “The Blood System” on 106.9 The Bull this past Sunday. The pastor is Jim Harris and he is the pastor at Riverview Heights Baptist Church in Wauchula. The phone number is 863-773-3344. Please let me know if I can help you with anything else.

      Best Regards,



    I enjoy listing to your music on Sunday morning on my way to church. I wish to know if the is a way to aquire a list of the gospel songs played on the morning broadcast. When I hear a song that really touches my soul I’m always driving and will not try to write it down. Thank you for your program. May GOD Bless all of You.


    Thanks so much for listeneing. If you stop by during open hours M-F 9a-5p, I’d be happy to share the song list. There are likley 250 or more in the library and I add more every couple weeks. I try hard to announce the Artist name and Title especially for this show. Thanks again,


    How can I get a copy of today’s 03/04/2012 of Pastor Jim Harris service he had? I really enjoyed what I caught. I did not hear the whole service first just found it this morning by flipping channels. Would love to hear whole message and share with my husband. Thank you, Renee


    Sorry on the delay with the music list. I do have that available at the office. Come on by and ask, we’d be happy to share it. Also, I just added a bunch of new music to the show so make sure and listen. :) Favorites like Tommy Brandt and the Whisnants and some new folks too like toungster Isaac Cole!!



    Hi Casey, I enjoy listening to the music.I’m glad that there are so many people that love the Lord and want to spread it through music.

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