Afternoon Ride


Gator’s real name is John Deer but his friends have always called him Gator. Gator grew up in West Palm Beach and just moved to the Heartland in search of his next adventure. Well, he came to the right place. You’ll hear Gator on The Bull in the afternoon from 3 pm – 7 pm every Monday through Friday. You can email Gator:

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    I drive from Orlando to Naples a lot, but today you played a song around 4/430 called family tree
    You said it was a new song, I can’t seem to find it anywhere, but loved the song, who was the artist?


    i was listing to the radio at 1500 hrs yesturday and there was a song on about growing up being like his father can u tell me who sings the tune and what is the real name of the song tiltle.


    keep up the good work harry mason

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