Apr 112013

Here is the song that The Heartland voted to be One Night Rodeo’s next single. Winner of the custom autographed One Night Rodeo Scream guitar will be drawn and announced soon.

Please listen to this song that is a tribute to cancer survivors and those who join in the fight against cancer.

Corey, ONR’s lead singer plays the husband/father in the video and his wife in the video is played by a breast cancer survivor. The video is being picked up by the American Cancer Society and is available on Facebook. A national campaign with the American Cancer Society and radio stations around the country is coming soon.

  2 Responses to ““After Beautiful” Music Video – One Night Rodeo – A Tribute to the Fight Against Cancer”


    Love it Cousin!!!Keep up the Great Music..


    What an amazing and heartfelt performance of an incredible song. I’m touched by One Night Rodeo’s interpretation of the meaning of the song. Who has not been affected by cancer? I’m sure everyone who hears this song will also be touched. I give them two thumbs up for a spectacular performance!

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