Mar 072012

The DeSoto County Historical Society proudly presents the 8th Annual Pioneer Day and BBQ Rib Cook-off!

This here event takes place right under the oak trees in DeSoto Park on March 17th, from 9am until 3pm.

Bring yer whole family out and see the History of old Florida from the Cookin’ ‘n Cleanin’ to the cane pole fishin’. We’ll be crackin’ whips like true Florida Crackers. Showin’ off antique cars, engines and southern flywheels. They’ll be critters fer pettin’ fer the young’uns. Play some corn hole and lotsa old fashioned games, kids can even take a pony ride ifn’ their Mama let’s em… Acrefoot Johnson and Arcadia Albritton are s’posed to be comin’. They’ll be carvers, quilters, candle makers, and basket makers for all you ladies lookin’ to learn a new skill. Fine arts and authors will share their wisdom.

Come on out and join us Satur’dee March 17th at The DeSoto Park fer DeSoto Historical Society’s Pioneer Day and BBQ Rib Cook off!

Located at DeSoto Park, on U.S. Highway 70, just west of Arcadia

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