Mar 022014


106.9 The Bull (WZZS-FM) had a great time at our live broadcast from The Florida International Air Show at the Punta Gorda Airport Saturday, March 29th from 11:00 am – 1:00 pm with Hal Kneller and Carolyn K. 

This is not the official Florida International Air Show Website.


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    On the ticket is makes reference to “event chairs.” Are event chairs folding chairs??

    Can small unbrellas be brought into the air show?


      Hi Raul, it referenced “pack your event chairs” as your folding chairs are welcome and you’ll find them nice to have to sit and enjoy the air show. To the best of our knowledge, umbrellas are allowed. Feel free to contact the information hotline for the air show at (941) 575-9007. Enjoy the event!


    Can the air show be postponed or cancelled due to rainy weather? If so, will ticket purchases be refunded?


      Hi Dan,

      106.9 The Bull is promoting the Florida International Air Show at the Punta Gorda Airport. We are glad you are seeking additional information and interested in attending. If you have additional questions, we encourage you to contact the Florida Air Show directly by visiting their official website or call (941) 575-9007.

      The answer to your question can be found directly on this page:


    The weather forecast does not look very good especially Friday and Saturday a bit better on Sunday, will the show go on?
    j. ruffino


      If you have questions related to the Florida International Airshow, we ask that you contact the Florida International Airshow directly via their website or their Telephone Information Hotline: (941) 575-9007.


    when you buy your tickets on line do you show your ID at the gate and that is it? and is it an all day pass can you leave the grounds and come back?


      Penny, you should print out the ticket you purchased online and bring that with you. We do recommend bringing your ID and having it on you. Check with the gate volunteers about reentry. I think it is not permitted and it is a long trek out to the car and back anyway, but it is always okay to ask the gate volunteers to confirm.


    I purchased tickets a few moents ago and have not been able to print the out. Can you send me an e-mail confirmation


      Hi Marilyn and Frank,
      We recommend contacting the Air Show directly. (941) 575-9007. We are a radio station promoting the air show.


    Please call the Florida International Air Show Hotline with questions and ticket information (941) 575-9007.